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Acuity - Juno Lighting
4" GEN4 900L Remodel UNV 4100K

Juno Brand 4" Old Work LED Recessed Can Light Generation 4 900 Lumen
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Item Number: IC91RLEDG4-41K-U
Manufacturer: Acuity - Juno Lighting
Manufacturer Part No: IC1RLED G4 09LM 40K 90CRI MVOLT ZT10 - Jun
Operating Voltage: 120-277 Universal Voltage
UPC: 661209460134
Technology: LED
Application: 4" Recessed
Fixture Type: Remodel, LED Downlight
Watts: 14.9
Lumens: 900
Color Temp: 4100K
CRI (Color Rendering Index): 90
Common Name of Color: Cool White
Dimmable: Yes
Incandescent Replacement: 75 Watt
Product Specifications - Quick Reference
Lamp Wattage:
Working Voltage:
15.6 Watts
120-277 Volt
Rated Life:
12 1/2" x 4 3/4"
50,000 Hours
Incandescent Equivalent:
PAR20 (900 Lumens)
Light Color:
90 CRI
5 Year Limited
Juno Lighting Group

This model is the Juno IC91RLEDG4-41K-U or IC1RLED G4 09LM 40K 90CRI MVOLT ZT10, 4" IC-Rated Remodel 4100K LED recessed can light. It utilizes a universal 120-277 volt 50/60 Hz driver.  The Juno Lighting 4 inch LED recessed downlights are a fantastic alternative to incandescent 75 watt incandescent lighting. The Juno Lighting 4 120-277V recessed fixtures consume less than 16 watts while providing 900 lumens of light output! Juno Lighting's IC-Rated 900 lumen LED recessed downlights are the ultra-efficient LED light fixtures that will offer you extra style and flair. 

 The Juno Generation 4 900 lumen downlights are available in either 2700K, 3000K, 3500K or 4100K offering the "designer-look" to perfectly complement any home decor theme. Juno Lightings 4 recessed lighting fixtures are manufactured to maximize energy efficiency. These fixtures have Air-Loc® sealed housings. The Air-Loc® sealed housing stops the infiltration and exfiltration of air, reducing heating and cooling costs. Offered in new construction and remodel can styles, these Juno LED recessed downlights are IC rated, approving them for use in both insulated and non-insulated ceilings. Click here to see the complete Juno Lighting IC91RLEDG4 Remodel LED Downlight Specification Sheet.

 The Juno IC91RLEDG4-41K-U has a 4100K (cool white) color temperature and utilizes a high lumen output LED array. At full lumen output this fixture has minimum CRI of 90 that will beautifully show off the color scheme in any room. The LED array produces 900 lumens and uses less than 16 watts. The LED array is attached to the thermally conductive inner housing to provide superior heat dissipation ensuring the LEDs rated life of 50,000 hours. The LEDs are binned to exceed ENERGY STAR® requirements. Junos binning process combined with their reflector design and diffusing lens produces uniform color of light and fixture luminance. 

 The dedicated, universal 120/277V LED driver meets ENERGY STAR dimming requirements (yes, even at 277 volt) and is compatible with most 0-10V wall box dimmers. The Juno IC91LEDG4-41K-U is NOT compatible with other dimming methods such as incandescent, magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage (you must install the Juno dedicated 120 volt recessed cans for these dimming options). Click here to see the complete  Juno LED Downlight Dimmer Compatibility Sheet.

 Juno Lighting has made installation of the 4, Generation 4, 900 Lumen recessed cans fast and secure. The remodel housing installs from below in an opening in the ceiling. The Air-Loc® sealed aluminum housing utilizes springs to accommodate up to a 1.5 ceiling thickness. The junction box is prewired and equipped with quick connect electrical connectors. The junction box also provides five 1/2 knock outs and four knockouts fir 12/2 or 14/2 NM cable and ground wire. For complete installation instructions click here Juno IC91RLEDG4 Remodel Installation Instructions.

 To complete the look of any room using Juno 4 900 lumen LED recessed downlight cans one can choose from Junos vast selection of trims suited for any room and any application. Click here to explore trim options Juno Lighting 4" Recessed Downlighting Trim Kits. The Juno IC91RLEDG4-41K-U (UPC 661209460134) is ENERGY STAR® Qualified when used with select trims Certified to the high efficiency requirements of California T24 with select trims UL listed for U.S. and Canada through-branch wiring Damp locations rated UL and cUL.

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