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On this page you will find a few of the many comments we regularly receive via email from our customers.
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 Customer Service Agent Josh really was super in helping us find the product we were searching for. Great asset to your company, polite, patient, knowledgeable, professional and cordial. He is the best!
S. Symons

I will never be much of a customer, but I am treated like one who spends big money with Green Electrical Supply. That speaks tremendously about your company attitude and service.
Thanks, T. Pappas

Julie + Michelle were SOOO helpful over the phone! I called back at least 3x times with questions as I'm not an electrician, and they both took the time to find me the best deal financially and what made the most sense so I don't end up with extra material. Thanks ladies for being patient! We'll def be buying from you all again.

I would highly recommend you place an easy to find button for customers to review your products and more Importantly your service.
I own a grocery store and over the past two years I have been converting a lot of fluorescent bulbs over to LED and I have used several online companies.
My last two purchases have been through your website and not only did I find your prices competitive, more importantly your customer services blows everyone else away.
Every step of the way is far superior to everyone else I have dealt with. It starts off with the simple fact that your website lets you know up front if something is in stock or not. Other websites allow you to order anything you want but once the order is complete it just says processing on my account. Multiple times I have waited several days and the status has not changed from “processing”. Each time I have contacted the other sites I have been told they expect the parts in any day now or they are backordered. Once it does finally ship it usually takes anywhere from 7 to 21 days to receive my order.
Both orders I recently placed with you were made over the weekend and by midday on Monday I had my shipping confirmation email. On top of that both orders arrived the same Wednesday.
My most recent order had a hiccup but once again your customer service shone through. I ordered four 3’ Bypass bulbs on Sunday night and I received a phone call Monday morning from Kelly letting me know that I had purchased the last two in stock and the other two are back ordered until the end of April. She offered to send the two in stock and tried to come up with an equivalent for the other two. I told her that I was ok with waiting for the back ordered pair as the bulb brightness needed to match. Like clockwork the first pair of bulbs arrived today. I apologize for the lengthy email but being in retail myself I appreciate great service.
Todd Anderson

Kelly --
If you check out your company's on-line comments, you will find one I left years ago.
Thank you again for stepping in/up, it's becoming increasingly rare to find a company standing by their products and not hesitating to make this all work for me. The dusk/dawn lights are a very important decorative touch for my little "sugar shack" here on Long Island but also a serious safety measure, that's why it's all important for me to keep them running at speed.
You're the best--show this e-mail to your boss, tell him for me that his greatest asset wears a headset and interfaces with customers.
Eileen, New York

Returned because of how quickly you processed my last order. As I had indicated, that would make a difference with choosing to shop with you again. As a result, I am buying from you again. Thanks again for your quickness in processing my order!
C. Rocha

Thank you Kelly - I appreciate the great service! I'll put in a positive review on Yelp and/or Google ... I've been really pleased with the service you've provided.
E. Martin

Ashley, are you an/the owner? I'd like to commend you for sticking with me on this over many weeks. I just made a purchase. It's rare to see the type of customer service you gave me on this sale.
Keep up the great work! Thanks so much.
L. Russo

Emily, I want to thank you for the great customer service that you gave me when I was dealing with the LED lighting strip. To refresh your memory, I had purchased LED lighting strip in 2 separate orders and the light color did not match. You arranged to have the company resend the entire batch to me so that the color temperature was consistent.
Again thanks for the great customer service.
Thanks, Vic

Thank You Kelly, I appreciate the prompt service. I searched many sites for these bulbs and I’m glad I chose Green Electric Supply. Decent price, prompt delivery, and great followup related to an unfortunate issue. I’ll recommend your company to my friends and family and I’ll also look to you first for my future needs.
D. Anderson

Our home builder recommended you!! Got our bulbs quickly, too.
T. Lunsford

I was VERY impressed with the girl (Ashley) on the phone. She had an EXCELLENT product knowledge and when she didn't know one of the answers to a question I asked... she didn't make up an answer... she asked me to briefly hold while she got the correct answer. No one can know everything so I was very impressed she wanted me to have the right answer instead of an answer that would appease me. My comments are very genuine and sincere... and I can assure you, I will ONLY purchase from Green (Electrical Supply) in the future.
S. Williams

Installing LED undercounter lighting in a new house. I purchased from you in July 2009 for my old house and the lights have been great! I'm happy with the lights and your company.
Thank you, D. Johnson

Thank you Ashley, ya’lls service has been great. The overall experience was a good one and the service was courteous and efficient.
J. Fricks

I wanted to thank (Emily) for outstanding customer service in clearing up issues with products from TCP. The new LED lamps work perfectly and do not radiate or interfere with other signals. Thank you for ensuring I was sent the correct replacement materials.
Best regards, E. Miller

You guys are awesome. my order was shipped promptly. well packaged and perfect. you have a customer for life. For all 1st time buyers.. do not hesitate once. they are a good company:)
C. Newson

Kelly, thank you for the amazing service! I can’t believe you got the Luminara candle packaged and shipped so quickly. I will not forget your company. You represented them very well. Thank you!
P. Lefkowitz

Hi Ashley and Julie, ......Again, thanks to both of you for your customer service above and beyond my expectations. You are both very customer oriented and an asset to your company.
Thanks, B. McCormick
satisfied customer :)

Dear Ashley, Thank you very much for all you have done. I appreciate it and will call again for all bulb needs in the future!
R. Gershman

Emily, Thank you for your excellent customer service.
Kindest regards, D. Williams

Ashley, I am sure that you are part of a great team at GES, however, I would like to thank you (specifically) for the outstanding job you did regarding the quoting process, working through the fast-changing specifications of LED technology, and helping me determining alternate products (due to the dimming requirements) for a difficult project. Your response and follow through has allowed my team to satisfy the expectations of the “end user of the product” and that, will ultimately lead to more projects in the future.
Thank you again, for a job “well done”! D. Catalano

Jennifer: Great doing business with your company. I got the exact item I needed. Took me about 15 minutes to swap out the old driver and install the replacement you sent. Flicked the switch and there was light! This doesn't happen a lot of the time with replacement stuff. I know it took a lot of extra time on your part to find the correct replacement as the old one was obsolete.
Thanks again, J. Farineau

Called customer service for clarity on specific items and Emily was very helpful. Thanks!
C. Treat

Great Service! Order was placed 9/8 at 1:40 pm and arrived today 9/10 at 1:05 pm. Thank you.
R. Machemer

I loved the live chat option on the website. Julie was very helpful in trying to find exactly what I need.
Beverly C.

The wall packs turned out great, they provide the right amount of light we were hoping to obtain and the order arrived in great condition. Thank you Emily and the team there at Green Electrical for outstanding service and products.
T. Hartjen

Thank you Ashley. I really appreciate all the great customer service you have provided. It is refreshing in this age of “sell it and forget about it”.
W. Aretz

Ashley, Thank You very much for your great customer service.
J. Lopez

Thanks 4 your help Emily! Hopefully, we can continue doing business and I can give it to Michigan! Anyway, I see lots of things I like but I have to knock these adapters out! I found the GU10 to medium base adapters and I may shoot you an email concerning wattage conversion after I yank the halogens! Talk to you soon! Kevin
Kevin G.

To Customer Service:
May I say you are without a doubt the best!!!!! You are totally customer-orientated. I do hope this is passed on to the "upper" people" as all the problems are. Again, thank you "to a welcome back" to customer service. Even though I live in Florida, I will recommend "Green Electrical Supply".
Best Regards To The Best, MJI

The replacement globes were perfect and safely arrived. These dusk-to-dawn fixtures are so absolutely GORGEOUS, and terrific security/safety features for my front door and step. I'm just wondering why it has taken me these many years to actually complete this! Emily, thank you for working so well with me. Green (Electrical Supply's) product line is truly spectacular!
E. Harris

Congrats!!!! I am honored to be your customer...
L. Pobega

Great customer service and I've already referenced your business for the part. It's really hard to find and I wanted to share both where to find it and how responsive you were to my problem. You are my go-to place for supplies from now on!
Thanks again, M. Arnold

We received the ballast today! We have light in our kitchen again and my wife is happy! Have a great day!
D. Ewing

Congratulations! We have been very pleased with your products and service. Glad to know you have been recognized.
Sincerely, S. Winokur

Congratulations- we have certainly had good service from you and will keep coming back.
K. Smith

Congratulations! A returning customer.
Nicole G.

Ashley does a fantastic job of customer service, glad to see you have been recognized!
W. Robinson

Just wanted to let you know, extremely impressed with your service. Ordered a ballast and it showed up in less than 24 hours. Best prices I saw for the product as well. Fantastic! Thank you!
W. Bowers

Thank you for the great service. I received the bulb today and it is working as it should. It is a pleasure to receive such good customer service. In today's environment so many company's and employees just don't seem to care after they make a sale. Ashley, I commend you and Green Electrical Supply on excellent service.
Thank you, Ed

Thank you for your efforts on my behalf...... I truly appreciate the righteousness of your company. Good customer service, integrity and honesty in business is hard to find these days.
Sincerely, C. Grachus

Best selection I've seen so far on the web. Good job!
N. Ruehlman

I just received my order for several hard-to-find GU24 base bulbs and couldn't be happier. Price was right, items were shipped right away, and I really liked that you reused newspaper to pack the shipping box instead of using those Styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap. I will definitely order light bulbs from your store in the future.
J. Norman

John was extremely helpful!
N. Fischer

The lights looked wonderful and definitely gave the event that extra touch it needed to make it a memorable experience. Hats off to everyone at Green Electrical, y'all are fantastic.
C. Behl

Ashley assisted me over the phone and by e-mail. She did an awesome job.
D. Scott

I am very impressed with the customer service provided by Green Electrical Supply (Emily) and would highly recommend utilizing their services. In this age of faceless electric commerce it is a pleasant relief to find a company that provides for exceptional verbal interactions and support.....She (Emily) had very nice phone etiquette, was patient, well-versed, and quite knowledgeable about Green Electrical Supply's products and services. It is this sterling quality of Customer Service that will have me return to Green Electrical Supply with future business.
A. Flatley

Julie, Just a short note to THANK YOU for your wonderful service! I received the order promptly and as mentioned, one bulb did not work. I do appreciate your sending a replacement. However, what I most appreciate is the speedy service you provided me. It was indeed a pleasure to deal with a pleasant and professional person. I'll make sure to work with you in the future.
Diana from Florida

John was extremely helpful. He made a suggestion that has solved my problem.
M. Keyes

Thank you Emily! We think you are wonderful!
Michelle Idzi

Hi Ashley,
The candles arrived today!!! Thank you for all your help. It meant a lot to me. After everyone sees them on the tables, I will direct them to your website. You went far and beyond helping a customer. Thank you! (They are lucky to have you!).
Jan Fritz (first, and not last, time customer)

Got my lightbulbs...LOVE THEM, thanks! You absolutely can tell anyone what a great company you have for products, as well as the very helpful, very knowledgeable young man (John) who took my order! You will hear from me again, thank you.
N. Anderson

Thank you Ashley. Your company should be proud of you. Great job on fixing my problem (fast) and thanks for following up on it.
D. Bridenbaker

Emily, Just received confirmation of shipping. As good as your word.
Thank you,
A. Appler

Thank you! Your service is wonderful. We called about getting a bulb replaced that came broken and it was here the next day! Wonderful service! In addition, we were so pleased we ordered more bulbs and they were delivered the next day - so your customer service is consistently excellent!
D. Derr

The Christmas party was wonderful and the trees were beautiful! Thanks so much for expediting the delivery of the lights in time for my event. Thanks again, Emily, for all your help. More businesses should have people like you in their organization, but I'm sure your company already knows that!
Marcia Miller

I want to take a few minutes to tell you how impressed I have been with the professionalism, response time, and communication style (both verbally and written) that Ashley has provided me over the past couple of weeks regarding my order. I am sure I am a relatively small customer for your company; regardless, I was treated with a great deal of respect both on the phone and via email from Ashley regarding my concerns. Because of that I have already recommended your company to numerous people both small and large. Oftentimes, businesses don’t understand the importance of having this type of voice for their company.
Jaime Hegna

Julie at customer service really went above and beyond to minimize my cost, and meet my work deadline.
I am very pleased with the results, and I will be using you for my ballast rebuild kits in the future.
Joseph Hwang
Director of Florida Operations
Atlantic Maintenance Services

Thank you! Everyone at your company was wonderful to work with. I will purchase from you in the future and recommend you to friends.

Ashley, I am really happy to tell you that yesterday I received my new MaxLite MLRT22D4535 2x2 troffer LED fixture and this morning I installed it in my kitchen. A few minutes ago I turned it on for the first time at night. Wow, so much more light than my old fluorescent and a warmer color light and fewer watts consumed as well! If the life expectancy is what is advertised I am sold! Ready to switch everything else over to LED as other lights burn out. Thanks for the great price on a fine product!

Dear Ashley,
Working on it- many thanks for the wonderful assistance you are providing us. Excellent! Wish all the customer service was like this- it would make things much better in the world!

I appreciate the reply and information. In the future I will direct my lighting needs to your company. It isn’t often in today’s society one encounters friendly, polite, and helpful company employees. I am duly impressed and I thank you very much.
Have a wonderful day and week,
Joe Stanley

I want to take this opportunity to thank Julie for helping me find the right kind of light bulb that will work for my eye problem. She definitely went well beyond what any customer rep is required to do, and she did it with concern and patience. That makes a big difference to me, and I believe it matters to a lot of people. She would really be a great teacher for upcoming customer service reps, because it's sad to have to say, but in many cases, good customer service has disappeared.
Thanks again for your assistance, and I hope your business' gains double.
Wilda Poynor

Ashley was very knowledgeable and helpful when I called with questions, 3 times.
The ordering was easy---and the shipping was pretty quick. I would definitely order from your company again.
Tony LaFrenier

Love the daylight bulbs! They are hard to find, even at big places like Lowes so I prefer to order them from you and will whenever the need arises.
K. Settles

Thanks for all of your assistance and impeccable customer service while accommodating us with a solution in this matter.
Best, Steve

Thanks again. You guys have excellent customer service!
DHJ via iPhone

Thank you for showing an interest in our customer satisfaction. The order arrived in a timely manner, everything appeared to be in good shape and the light bulb works great (we've only used one of the three so far). We will certainly order from Green Electrical Supply again!
Susie DeSersa

Would just like to thank you. You did what no one else could do, I had been looking for that bulb for almost two weeks.
Thanks again. AA

Julie Hill is awesome! She has helped me with this order and my last one.

You and your company epitomize great customer service, which is so rare these days.

Thank you for your prompt and amazing customer service!!!
Thank you again. W

Thank you so much for you prompt response and your excellent customer service. It is a pleasure doing business with a web based company that has a great product selection reasonable prices and great customer service.
Brett Tiller

I recently placed an order for cfl bulbs I couldn't find anywhere locally. I was extremely surprised with the fast and excellent service I received. The order was here in a couple of days. I will use your company again when I need any electrical items.
Jim Laursen

Ashley was extremely helpful. Initially you didn't have any bulbs that would fit my lamp. Several days later Ashley sent mail about this new product that should fit, and subsequently patiently answered many questions. She has outstanding customer service skills.
Kim Seward

Thank you Ashley. I have ordered two bulbs. Not a game changer for Green Electrical Supply, but I like your business and will continue to order from you.

...there are more lighting products than I knew existed! Glad to have found the rare cf light needed on your site. Most others do not carry such a wide array of products like you! Thank you.
Linda Ng

I found these on another site. Tried to buy them. Prices weren't listed online, so I had to call. After getting transferred 4 times and getting nowhere I hung up. Went back to google and found your site. Your site was painless! Thanks in advance for my order! I'll definitely be shopping with you again!

Love the lighting.. I have been looking for something outside for my 1920's house that is 'green', not too expensive and fits the house...I will be looking at what else you have soon!
Susan Ratliff

You guys are awesome! The order was shipped promptly and you responded so quickly and in such a nice manner to my return request, I really appreciate it.
Patti Cluff

5000K is great for general use. The reasonable CRI of these bulbs makes them very good in the house.
Garth Illingworth

Thank you very much for helping us with this problem, you guys really came through for us. Thanks!
Tony Favia

Wow! You just found a steady customer.
Philippe Beaudet

I received my bulb today and I am happy!!! Thanks, it has been an awesome online buying experience. I will surely buy from you guys again whenever my need for that 'special' bulb arises. Thanks again.
Selbourne Harris

Thanks for your excellent service.
Thor Hanson

You truly are to your word... I have been through countless CFL's in my time and yours are truly the best, not to mention the excellent packing job just in case the handlers are not so considerate... had to immediately come back for more!!!
Thanks for being so Honest!!!

I'm pretty excited. I've been looking for this type and quality of product everywhere!
Ronald Land

Your customer service is exceptional! Rich was very helpful and pleasant when I spoke to him. I look forward to doing business with you again and I will be sure to let others know about Green Electrical Supply.
Todd Ellis

On a scale of 0 to 100, we rate the BR30's 110!
Bob Phelps

You guys are the best!
Scott Jones

You folks provide awesome customer service!!
Kelly Larson

Thanks again for all the attention and help. You've earned a future lighting customer.
Montoya Z

You're wonderful. I love your website, it is so easy to use. Great customer service! I will be your customer for a long time!
Jerri Bedell

What I want to say is THANK YOU for the prompt service.
William Hord

It's so nice to deal with a company on the net that takes pride in their customer service, such as yourselves. I most definently will be praising the name of your company every chance I get.
Thanks again
Chris Kelly

I just bought a 15 Watt Dimmable BR30 CFL WW, and I want to let you know how much I appreciate this product. It works SO much better than the crappy ones I've been buying at the grocery store, and even with the shipping the price is about the same. It works as advertised, instant-on and immediately as bright as the incandescents in my kitchen. Having purchased just one as a test, I will definitely be buying more of these, and some of your other products, in the future.
Thank you so much,
Todd Thornton

I am one very happy customer! Your sales staff is very helpful!
Jim Taylor

The GU24 SquatMax 18W light bulb arrived and IT WORKED in my fixture. I am so Happy!!! Thank you for all your help. Your personal service was outstanding and I will be a very grateful customer from now on.
Ann Bullock

Ashley, I just wanted to thank you for the prompt customer service. It is extremely unusual, in this day of automated contacts and impersonal dealings, for a company to react to a service issue as fast as Green Electrical Supply has responded to mine. You responded to my email quickly with a phone call and an email and resolved the problem. I will most certainly look to your website first when requiring electrical supplies.
John J. D'Attoma

Julie, Exceptional customer service! You will have all my future Elec. business and a referral to my associates. Thanks

Roseanne Schreuder

Thanks Sharon, I appreciate the help...I have found a company that is reliable and trustworthy...I will address all of our future lighting needs thru Green Electrical Supply...thanks again

Thanks again for the great customer service. It's rare these days.
Gregory Gruendel

Hi Friends, After 2 months of looking for a replacement bulb for my outdoor fixture, Ashley saved the day! Hats off to Ashley for her excellence in customer service, not giving up on me, and for solving this puzzle. I now have useful outdoor lamps for my families safety. God bless and have a terrific day,
Tadas Birutis
New Loyal Customer

I love your warm company, you are as warm as the lights.
Laura Hunt-Hahn

Thanks for all of your help. It's a real pleasure dealing with a company that has a knowledgeable, enthusiastic staff.
Tom Kurcz

Thanks so much for the prompt service, time was of the essence on this job. I appreciate that!
Travis Roberts

Thank you so much for your personal service. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Ashley was a big help. She is very professional and makes sure she understands what the customer is looking for. Give her a raise! Ashley, Thank you for all of your help. I very much appreciate it.
Linda Cox

I am very impressed with your service! I placed a small order ($20) on Nov. 3, you confirmed by Email that it had been shipped, and it arrived today, Nov. 5!! I think that is remarkable attention to my small order, and very complimentary to you for excellent service, promptly. I will keep your business card for future use, and recommend you to my friends for their electrical supply needs. Incidentally, the mogul lamp sockets I ordered were unobtainable locally, and your prices beat the pants off any other online suppliers! Contratulations!!
Steven Mueller

Ashley, Thank you very much for the help and great Customer Service. I will use you in the future.
Harold Tranter

John, couldn't ask for a more responsive associate to deal with. Wonderful!

I thank Green Electrical Supply for everything they did for me. I have your company information noted in my book for the next time I need electrical products. Great customer service.
James Dowdy

I can not begin to tell you what a wonderful experience I recently had dealing with Mr John G in customer service. it reminded me of long ago when Customer satisfaction was a priority for a company as compared to today when it's all about about the bottom line and making a buck. Mr John is in a class by himself, second to none when it comes to providing excellent customer service.
Evelyn Offord