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ESC-124DS Photocell With Timer

Precision Multi-Controls ESC-124DS Energy Saving Photo Cell
Our price (Before qty discounts*): $39.84

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In stock
Item Number: ESC-124DS
Manufacturer: Precision
Manufacturer Part No: ESC-124DS - Pre
Product Specifications - Quick Reference
Volts AC:
Switching Load:
105-285 Volts
1800 VA
Mount Type:
3" Diameter x 2.15" High
NEMA Twist Lock
Turn On:
2.6 Foot Candles
2 Year Limited
Built-In Benefit:
Power Consumption:
Off Timer
1.5W Ave @ 120V
Delay Time:
Temperature Range:
60 Seconds
-40F to 170F
ESC Photo Cell Application Precision Multiple Controls (PMC) Photo Controls provide dusk-to-dawn control of street, parking lot, billboard and security lighting. Mounting types include fixed position mounting, stem mounting and twist lock.  With so many different options, Intermatic and Green Electrical Supply have the right Photo Control sensors for your application. Click here to view other Dusk-To-Dawn Photo Control Sensors.

The Precision energy saver model number ESC-124DS, dusk-to-dawn photocell and timer (with preset off times!) is designed for use with outdoor security, area lighting or wall packs.  The ESC-124DS provides a low cost, reliable control in applications requiring a NEMA twist and lock type plug connection.  They operate on 105-285 volt and turn your parking lot and area lights on in the evening when light levels reach approximately 2.6 footcandles.  

Now for the energy saving portion.  On the bottom of the ESC-124DS you will find an easy to set timer setting that will turn your lights off any time between 6:00 pm and 3:00 am. Would you like to turn the lights back on prior to your staff arriving to work the next morning?  You can set the AM control, also found on the bottom of the photo cell, to turn your lights on again any time between 4:00 am and 8:00 am. The photo cell will automatically turn the lights off again at sunrise.  Now how awesome is that!  

So, you ask, "How does this photo control know what time it is?"  The ESC-124DS adjusts itself continually.  It never needs resetting - even after power outages or a change in the season.  What about Daylight Savings time changes?  The ESC even compensates for Daylight Savings time by shifting the swithching times one hour back in the Fall and one hour ahead in the Spring.  It will automatically change within 5 days of the actual daylight savings dates.  A couple other technical things: The physical dimensions of the Precision energy saving ESC-124DS dusk-to-dawn photocell are 3" in diameter by 2.15 high (the control height only). They carry a 2 Year Warranty and are black in color. Click here to see the Precision ESC-124DS Specification Sheet.



Tips To Optimize Photocell Performance


Do not face the photocell into the midday sun. If the photo control is installed on the south side of a building, face the photocell east or west or point the photo control down toward the ground.  The best direction to face the photo control is north. 


Do not face the photocell where it can see artificial light. Light from windows, signs, street lights, etc., will cause the photo control not to switch on.  The photo control should not be positioned so that it sees the light it is controlling (or reflected light - like off of your white siding or white painted soffit overhang).  These conditions will cause the light to cycle on and off.


Do not install the photo control with wires up unless there is NO POSSIBILITY of water entering the photo control around the wires. The photo control must be installed in an approved weatherproof box. Do not attempt to caulk around the wires. Installing a Photocell below the box is WRONG! Photocells installed on top of the Box is RIGHT! Any Photo Control installed by the side of the weatherproof box is: ACCEPTABLE!


When you are testing the photocell, be sure to turn on the power (load will come on) and wait up to 5 minutes for the photocell to switch load off. For further testing cover the photo control completely with black tape or another dark material to simulate night conditions. If you cant cover the control with tape, try covering the photo control with the shipping carton to simulate night conditions.

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