10 Foot 30 Watt R17d 180 Degree LED Sign Tube 6500K - External Driver Required - Sold Separately

Universal Lighting 10 Foot 30 Watt R17d 180 Degree LED Sign Tube 6500K - External Driver Required - Sold Separately 6500K Daylight

10 Foot 30 Watt R17d 180 Degree LED Sign Tube 6500K - External Driver Required - Sold Separately

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Universal Lighting's LED Sign Tube is a one-to-one LED retrofit replacement solution for an existing fluorescent sign box. Available in 24", 48", 72", 84", 96", 108", and 120" lengths, with either single side or double side LED illumination, the Universal Lighting EVERLINE® Sign Module is an LED outdoor replacement retrofit solution for your existing T12HO or T8HO lit signs and come in the color temperature of 6500K. When installed with a Universal Lighting LED driver, it is 60% more efficient than traditional fluorescent lamp installations.

Designed for fast and easy installation, the Everline LED sign tube uses the existing, standard R17D recessed double contact (RDC) lampholder sockets without modification. The EVERLINE® Sign Tubes feature 90° adjustable RDC style endcaps for correct lamp orientation in vertical or horizontal installations, regardless of how the socket was originally installed. The durable acrylic tube contains LEDs that have excellent light distribution and is available in single-sided or double-sided configurations. As a Class II, 24V Constant Voltage product, the EVERLINE® Sign Tube can be installed using daisy-chain or parallel wiring. With EVERLINE® LED Sign Tubes, signs can be seamlessly converted from existing high output fluorescent to LED technology reducing maintenance related service calls and reducing the end users over all utility cost.

Talk about an easy retrofit option for your existing fluorescent T12HO or T8HO sign bulbs: You can run up to 32 of single sided (16 double sided) tubes on one Universal Lighting 100W LED power supply (the Everline L24V100UNV-A and L24V100UNV-Q LED drivers are sold separately). They are ideal for Vertical or Horizontal installation and they utilize the same spacing as standard fluorescent systems. Rated for more than 60,000 hours of usable life and 129 lumens per watt efficacy, the Universal Lighting Everline LED sign modules deliver 387 lumens per foot filling the sign face with bright and even illumination.

This item is the Universal Lighting Everline 120" single sided LED sign retrofit tube - part number ST120-865-SS004C. These LED retrofit tubes require an external LED driver - Sold Separately. This module is to be mounted using standard R17D recessed double contact (RDC) lampholders. The spring tension will hold the module in place. Lamp holders are not used for electrical connections. The leads that exit the end of the module are used for connection to the 24Vdc LED power supply. The module(s) may be wired individually to the driver or connected end to end in a parallel fashion (It is only necessary to connect one end of the modules leads to the power supply. Leads on the opposite end are at the same electrical potential and can be connected in parallel to another module or capped individually).

The ST120-865-SS004C delivers 3,875 lumens of 6500K light. This LED tube measures 117.1" long by 1.5" in diameter and comes with 8" leads to connect to the LED driver. Each tube light retrofit consumes just 30 watts and has a rated life of 60,000 hours (the lumen maintenance value is based on LM80 testing and TM-21 calculation projections). The LED Array modules are suitable for use in DRY and DAMP locations when connected to a Class 2 source of supply. They also carry the certifications of UL, CSA and RoHS. The ST120-865-SS004C LED Sign Tube carries a 5 year limited warranty.

Voltage 120-277 Volt
Wattage 30 Watts
Lumens 3,875 Lumens
LED Color 6500K Daylight
Dimensions 1.5" Diameter x 117.1" L
LED Output Single Sided
Rated Life 60,000 Hours 
Certifications cULus, RoHS, cCSAus
Warranty 5 Year Limited


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