250 ABZ 6 Inch BR30 Open Frame Classic Aged Bronze Trim

Juno SKU: 250 ABZ
Juno 250 ABZ 6 Inch BR30 Open Frame Classic Aged Bronze Trim Bronze

250 ABZ 6 Inch BR30 Open Frame Classic Aged Bronze Trim

Juno SKU: 250 ABZ
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Choosing the correct recessed lighting trim to accomplish the illumination levels and/or ambiance you desire is a very important part of your overall home lighting or commercial lighting system. Juno's aesthetically superior recessed lighting trims are unparalleled in the industry. You can choose from baffle, cone, open, adjustable, wall wash and lensed trims in a wide array of finishes and styles. A clear cone offers a specular finish that produces a neutral appearance with exceptionally low brightness. The Haze Cone offers a uniform satin finish that hides dust and fingerprints while the Wheat Haze Cone offers a rich recessed trim appearance and adds subtle warmth to an interior. The Gold Cone has a specular finish with a pale gold tint that slightly warms lamp color temperature while the Black Cone produces the lowest possible brightness and maximum source concealment.

This is the Juno part number 250 ABZ 6 inch downlight trim. These trims can also be referred to as an open frame trim. This BR30 open frame trim has a Classic Aged Bronze trim ring. The diameter of the bronze trim ring is 7 5/8" and has a 4" inch aperture. This 6 inch recessed lighting trim may be used with any Juno Lighting's New Construction IC2, or any of the IC21, IC22 or IC23 Series housings and TC2 or TC2R series recessed cans. These housings typically use 65W BR30 Light Bulbs depending on the recessed light fixture, or the equivalent compatible LED bulb.

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