D21CC80347TZ-D 80 Watt 347 Volt Dimmable LED Driver

Universal Lighting SKU: D21CC80347TZ-D
Universal Lighting D21CC80347TZ-D 80 Watt 347 Volt Dimmable LED Driver

D21CC80347TZ-D 80 Watt 347 Volt Dimmable LED Driver

Universal Lighting SKU: D21CC80347TZ-D
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Universal Lighting's Everline® LED drivers are ideal for maximum energy savings and control applications. These LED power supplies are proven in the field and feature (depending on driver) high efficiency Constant Current, high range voltage or universal voltage, Class B transient surge protection and/or dimming functionally. If you need an LED driver replacement be sure to ask for Everline® to make sure your application will operate to its full potential.

The Everline® family of 80W drivers provides leading edge technology for high efficiency, application flexibility and reliability in rugged environments. With their tunable outputs, this family is customizable for specific fixture and module applications. Universal's Everline LED Drivers can be configured to set their current output down to 40% of their maximum rated design level. This function is called tuning, or also, programmable LED drivers. Tuning provides the ability to set a tunable drivers output current at levels lower than its full output rating. After a driver is tuned, it can still be dimmed to lower output currents with standard 0-10V controls. Tuning the driver based on the LED module used not only makes each fixture more efficient, it also increases the life of the LED module. Tuning assignments are stored in driver memory and are not lost when power is removed. Most factory produced drivers are tuned to maximum output unless otherwise noted on the label. To determine if your existing Universal LED driver, being used in your application, has been factory tuned, look at the label on the driver. Just below the part number (D21CC80347TZ-D) you will see the "I out" and "PRGM" data. The factory default setting is, in this example, I out = 2100mA and the PRGM = 00. If this information is different, on your existing driver, then your driver has been tuned to a non-factory standard setting. We can have the factory standard settings tuned to match your application.

This item is the Universal Everline LED power supply part number D21CC80347TZ-D10C (UPC 768386583745). The input voltage is a 347 volt, 0-10V dimmable LED driver with tuning. The constant current driver has a maximum output current of 2100mA with 80 watt maximum output power. Each LED driver is designed to meet the IEEE C62.41 2.5kV transient protection and suppresses transients and limits pass through currents so the LED module is also protected. Universal's Everline LED power supplies are UL Dry and Damp Location Rated, FCC Part 15 (Class A) for EMI and RFI non-consumer limits. The drivers are dimmable using a low voltage 0-10v. This interface is a source, since the product provides the source of supply for the interface. The interface circuit has been evaluated for isolation from primary (input) and secondary (output) circuits with spacings based on the maximum rated branch supply - 347Vac.

Input Voltage 347 Volt
Output Voltage 17-38 Volt
Output Current 2100mA
Dimmable Yes, 0-10V
Dimensions 16.88" L x 1.25" W x 1.00" H
Warranty 5 Year Limited

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