KTLD-36-UV-0A90-VDIM-SC 36 Watt LED 900mA Constant Current Driver

Keystone Technologies SKU: KTLD-36-UV-0A90-VDIM-SC
Keystone Technologies KTLD-36-UV-0A90-VDIM-SC 36 Watt LED 900mA Constant Current Driver

KTLD-36-UV-0A90-VDIM-SC 36 Watt LED 900mA Constant Current Driver

Keystone Technologies SKU: KTLD-36-UV-0A90-VDIM-SC
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Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are the future of lighting and Keystone's LED drivers will take you there today. Keystone's state-of-the-art LED drivers are being used today in tens of thousands of quality installations. From low to high wattage, constant current and constant voltage, fixed output and dimming, as well as many other available features, Keystone has the drivers available to meet your application requirements.

Whether you are in need of a Constant Current LED Driver or a Constant Voltage LED Driver, there are a few basic factors to consider before choosing. If your driver will be connected directly to the load (that is, it will be used to power the LED load directly), you will want to be certain that your Drive Current required by the LEDs matches the Rated Output Current of the Constant Current driver. Also, make sure the Maximum Forward Voltage required of all the LEDs in the array does not exceed the Maximum Output Voltage of the LED driver. Lastly, decide on what type of Dimming is needed, if any, the required Input Voltage and the required Power Factor. Once those factors are determined, we can help you select the correct LED Driver for your applications.

This is the Keystone KTLD-36-UV-0A90-VDIM-SC Constant Current LED Driver. The Rated Output Current is 900mA. The Output Voltage is 18-36 Vdc with 36 watts of output power. This is a 0-10 V Dimmable LED driver. The input voltage is 120-277Vac and has a Power Factor of >0.9. The physical dimensions are 6.46" Long x 1.89" Wide x 1.15" High. This Keystone LED driver carries a 5 Year Limited Warranty.

Input Voltage 120-277 Volt
Output Voltage 18-36 Volt
Output Current 900mA
Dimensions 6.46" L x 1.89" W x 1.15" H
Warranty 5 Year Limited


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