RPODB 2P DX WH nLightAir Switch

Acuity Controls SKU: RPODB 2P DX WH
Acuity Controls RPODB 2P DX WH nLightAir Switch

RPODB 2P DX WH nLightAir Switch

Acuity Controls SKU: RPODB 2P DX WH
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Acuity Brands has launched their revolutionary nLight AIR control platform, a fully wireless lighting control system. nLight AIR is ideal for building owners and contractors looking to seamlessly upgrade buildings. Note: the fixtures still need to be wired to a power source and use CAD5 cables. This new wireless lighting control solution represents significant advancements in lighting system technology. Because of the wireless platform, it is suitable for spaces where wiring is cost prohibitive. The nLight AIR wireless battery powered wall switch, works with nLight AIR enabled LED luminaires and the mobile configuration app, CLAIRITY, for a quick and easy installation and startup. Now an entire building can be run by a single software.

Acuity Brands RPODB 2P DX WH nLight AIR battery powered wall switch is just one amazing product from this line. This model is a two pole switch, which means it controls two separate circuits, or zones. Each pole has its own set of controls on this wall switch. This is used in order to be able to control two separate zones manually. You do not need a two pole switch to have multiple zones. It is only needed if you want to be able to manually control two zones. Single pole switches are also available in this line of products (see related products below). This nLight AIR switch, not only has an on/off switch, but also has a dimming control, also referred to as a raise/lower control. The up and down arrows on the switch indicate this function. You can now adjust the level of an nLight AIR controlled dimmable light fixture. All of these push-buttons have a soft-click feature and a green LED indicator light.

The RPODB 2P DX WH switch is powered with three off-the-shelf AAA Lithium size batteries, which are rated for 10 years of normal use, minimizing battery replacement. Note: Battery replacement for alkaline batteries does not guarantee a 10-year run time. The batteries are included and pre-installed, just unbox and mount. It is installed into a single gang box, just like your typical wall switch. The wall switch communicates with nLight AIR devices via radio frequency (RF) in the 900MHz spectrum. The wireless range is up to 1000 feet in free space/line of sight and 600-800 feet through obstruction depending on building construction. This product itself comes with a five-year limited warranty and provides up to 30% of additional energy savings. This wireless lighting control can control up to 128 (RES7N) fixtures in a network. Other options that control 50 (RES7N) fixtures in a standalone zone are available.

The nLight AIR control platform is easy as 1,2,3. First, install nLight AIR enabled fixtures (sold separately). Secondly, install the wireless battery powered wall switch. Lastly, download the CLAIRITY app. Within the app, pair the fixtures to the wall switch and configure the lights to match your space. The mobile application is a configuration app, not a control app. This means that you can configure all of your nLight Air fixtures to do what you want them to do in regards to occupancy sensors and daylight harvesting. The wall switch is needed for connection purposes and allows you to override the fixtures with either on/off switches, dimming controls, or both. The product videos below help explain in detail an easy application for all customers. Try this system out today! You will be pleasantly surprised.

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