Trac 12 TL8 8 Foot Track For Track Lighting

Juno Trac 12 TL8 8 Foot Track For Track Lighting Black 8 Foot
Juno Trac 12 TL8 8 Foot Track For Track Lighting White 8 Foot

Trac 12 TL8 8 Foot Track For Track Lighting

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Juno Trac 12 is a miniature 20-amp low voltage track system that boldly goes where no other track lighting system can go. Small and compact, Trac 12 can be ceiling mounted, suspended in cramped quarters, or, it can be integrated into casework, coves or display cases. Wherever it goes, Juno's Trac 12 creates stunning illumination - from accent to spot to linear lighting effects. This low voltage track lighting system features a wide variety of diminutive fixtures that are perfectly matched to its miniaturized scale. LED modules, LED mini floods, LED mini cylinders and LED mini pendants offer maximum performance with minimal energy consumption.

Juno Trac 12 offers ultra-miniature, single-circuit track lighting sections for operation with 12- or 24-volt step down transformers. Each track lighting section is supplied with an integral terminal block feed and straight connector. It is compatible with a right-angle, adjustable joiner plus conduit and J-box mounting accessories to permit NEC code-compliant installations. Juno Trac 12 track sections accept all Trac 12 cove, accent, and pendant track lighting lampholders.

This item is the Juno Trac 12, eight foot long, in black or white finish. Its construction is an extruded ABS/Polycarbonate for maximum strength and heat resistance. Each length of low voltage track comes with an injection molded polycarbonate terminal block end-feed/straight connector assembly with a decorative cover. Two 12 gauge, solid copper conductors are rated for 20 amps at 12 or 24 volts. The transformer/driver is an additional required component and is sold separately.

The terminal block connector, supplied with each track lighting section, accepts up to 10 gauge solid secondary feed wire and also allows connection to additional track sections. Standard track lengths may be cut-to-length in the field by the installer. NOTE: be sure to push the two 12 gauge copper conductors back behind your cut line. Failure to do so will potentially result in a final usable length that is shorter than you require. Use the Trac 12 track lighting sections with the Juno TL34 conduit adapter or TL21 outlet box canopy for Class 1 installations over 60VA. Each track section is supplied with toggle bolts for surface mounting.

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