Triad B232PUNVHE-B 120-277V T8 Rapid Start Ballast

Universal Lighting SKU: B232PUNVHE-B
Universal Lighting Triad B232PUNVHE-B 120-277V T8 Rapid Start Ballast

Triad B232PUNVHE-B 120-277V T8 Rapid Start Ballast

Universal Lighting SKU: B232PUNVHE-B
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Ballast Cross Reference:
Osram Sylvania QHE2X32T8/UNVPSN-MC or QTP2X32T8/UNVPSN-TC
GE GE-232-120-PS-N or GE-232-277-PS-N or GE-232-MVPS-N
Universal B232PUNVHE-B
Advance IOP-2PSP32-SC or VCN-2S32-SC

Universal Lighting's ULTim8® High Efficiency ballasts deliver up to 8% additional energy savings over standard electronic ballast and even more when used with the new F32T8/ES (30 Watt) or F28T8 (28 Watt) lamps. Did you know that the cost of electricity accounts for 87 cents out of every lighting dollar? ULTim8® ballasts drive those costs down because they consume up to 6 fewer input watts than standard electronic ballasts. The wattage savings alone pays for this electronic ballast over its minimum life expectancy. When combined with new energy saving lamps, ULTim8® can reduce energy consumption by 60 watts or more when retrofitting a 4-Lamp T12 fixture.

This item is the Universal ULTim8® Programmed Start High Efficiency B232PUNVHE-B. It operates either (1 or 2) F32T8, F32T8ES (30W), F32T8ES (25W), F28T8 or two F25T8 or F17T8 lamps. Featuring active power correction, parallel lamp operation and a line voltage range from 108vac to 305vac, 50/60Hz. The Universal B232PUNVHE-B is UL Listed (Class P, Type 1 Outdoor, Type HL) and contains no PCB's. The minimum starting temperature is 0 Degrees Fahrenheit, is sound rated A and has a maximum remote mounting length of 20 feet using 18 AWG lead wires.

Universal Lighting Technologies is among the charter members of the new NEMA Premium® Ballast Program, which recognizes excellence in energy-saving technology. The program is designed to identify the industry's most efficient T8 ballasts, including a large number of electronic ballasts from Universal Lighting Technologies. The National Electrical Manufacturers Association established the NEMA Premium® Ballast Program in accordance with standards established by the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE). Eligible products include instant start and programmed rapid start ballasts for four foot T8 lamps. Products which qualify will have the NEMA Premium designation displayed.

Universal Lightings ULTim8® high efficiency ballast family provides maximum energy savings for T8 lighting systems. As energy rates continue to rise, a strategy of maximizing lighting efficiency with ULTim8® ballasts provides a quick payback for knowledgeable investors.

Lamp Type F32T8, F32T8ES, F28T8, F17T8, F40T8
Voltage 120-277 Volt
Operation Program Rapid Start
Sound Rating A
Dimensions 9.5" L x 1.50" W x 1.0" H
Certifications cUL Listed, Class P, Type HL and 1 Outdoor
Warranty 5 Year

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