Green LED Battery Powered Tree Shaped Holiday Lights

GKI/Bethlehem Lighting SKU: 100513564
GKI/Bethlehem Lighting Green LED Battery Powered Tree Shaped Holiday Lights Green

Green LED Battery Powered Tree Shaped Holiday Lights

GKI/Bethlehem Lighting SKU: 100513564
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SPECIAL NOTES: These are Indoor/Outdoor Battery Powered LED Lights and require 6 "AA" batteries for operation. These batteries are NOT included. When using these battery operated LED lights around or near water you must take extra care to keep the battery housing, and its contents, from being exposed to, or in contact with, any water or outdoor elements (rain, snow, sleet, dew, etc). To demonstrate the product size and flexibility, the image above shows the thin wire led string wrapped around a clear acrylic tube.

GKI Bethlehem Special occasion, decorative or holiday lights utilizing LED lighting has allowed manufacturers to create a variety of colorful, energy efficient Christmas and Home decorations. These energy efficient LED lights are 80% to 90% more efficient than incandescent light sets and the bulb lasts up to 10 times longer than incandescent. They are safe to operate and are cool to the touch. Whether you are looking for a traditional warm white LED Christmas light, or, a more modern looking green LED light, we believe we have the LED string lights to make your occasion special.

These are battery powered LED Tree shaped lights from GKI Bethlehem Lights. The ultra slim wire is nearly invisible when compared to traditional light sets making these LED battery powered lights the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to any object. The flexible, thin wire can be wrapped or bunched for easy decorating, floral arrangements and poolside lighting. This string of battery powered lights has Green Tree shaped LEDs (Part Number 100513564). The total length of this thin wire set is 9 feet. There is a 12" lead from the end of the battery housing to the first LED and each subsequent LED is spaced 4" apart. The lead wire is green. Each set requires 6 "AA" batteries (Not Included). The image to the right is just one representation of how these innovative battery powered led light strings can be used.

Bulb Quantity 24 Lights Per Strand
Lead Dimensions 28" From Battery Housing
Light Spacing 4 Inches
Required Batteries 6 AA (Not Included)
Rated Life 50,000 Hours
Warranty 1 Year

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