HID 100-277 Volt LED Surge Protector

Satco SKU: 80-929
Satco HID 100-277 Volt LED Surge Protector

HID 100-277 Volt LED Surge Protector

Satco SKU: 80-929
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The increased use of LED based lighting in outdoor applications introduces unique challenges to fixture reliability. While fixture components are designed to handle variations in input power, being connected directly to the main power lines introduces complications when it comes to power surges. Because lightning strikes, switching and other events can be far more severe directly on the power lines, these components need additional protection. An LED surge suppressor protects your most sensitive components against line surges and transients. The Satco 80-929 Surge Protector provides surge protection up to 1.1kV and are designed to operate through universal 100-277V applications.

This item is the Satco 80-929. For use with 100-277 volt line voltage, the 80-929 offers a maximum discharge current voltage of 320V AC, nominal discharge current of 5kA, nominal discharge voltage of 10kV, maximum discharge voltage of 20kv and a response time of 25ns.

When transients are present, the surge protector clamps the voltage to a safe level for the LED driver and fixture components. As transients are mitigated, this product is degraded and will need to be replaced over time. When exhausted, they can be easily replaced in the field for continuous protection.


Voltage 100-277 Volt
Max Discharge Voltage 20kV
Max Discharge Current 320V AC
Protection Level 1.1kV
Operating Temp -40C to +80C
Response Time 25ns
Dimensions 0.88" H x 1.44" W x 3.19" L
Outer Case IP67

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