175 Watt M137/M152 Pulse Start Quad Tap Metal Halide Ballast Kit

Keystone Technologies SKU: MPS-175A-Q-KIT
Keystone Technologies 175 Watt M137/M152 Pulse Start Quad Tap Metal Halide Ballast Kit

175 Watt M137/M152 Pulse Start Quad Tap Metal Halide Ballast Kit

Keystone Technologies SKU: MPS-175A-Q-KIT
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Metal Halide Ballast Cross Reference:
Sylvania M175/MULTI-PS-KIT
Universal P175MLTAC3M-500K
Advance 71A5593

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps require a ballast to apply starting voltage to the lamp and establish current flow an arc between the lamp electrodes. Without a ballast, the arc will extinguish or draw increasing current until some circuit element burns up. Ballasts provide system stability by limiting the current that can be drawn.

Keystone Technologies Core and Coil pulse start metal halide replacement HID ballast kits contain the appropriate core and coil, a properly rated capacitor and all components required for ballast replacement. Keystone Ballast core and coil models are ideal for a wide variety of lighting applications, including factories, warehouses, gymnasiums and retail stores.

This replacement pulse start metal halide ballast covers 4 primary input voltages commonly utilized in the United States. Keystone Ballast MPS-175A-Q-HP-KIT, Quad Tap Metal Halide Ballasts Replacement HID Ballast Kit for 175W Pulse Start Metal Halide, Core And Coil, Circuit Type CWA, Metal Halide Lamp Type, 175 Lamp Watts, M137/M152 ANSI Ballast Type, 205 Input Watts, 120/208/240/277 Input Voltage, 60 Hz. The dimensions on this MH ballast are 2.81" Long x 3.07" Wide x 3.94" High. This Keystone Ballast carries a 2 year warranty.

The Energy Independence Security Act of 2007 (EISA) will dramatically improve the lighting industry by increasing the energy efficiency standards of HID luminaires. Keystone Technologies has developed a comprehensive line Pulse Start Metal Halide ballasts designed to exceed the EISA requirements for maximum energy efficiency. 

Voltage 120/208/240/277 Volt
Wattage 175 Watts
ANSI Type M137 or M152
Circuit Type CWA
Capacitor 11mF - 370V - 90C
Dimensions 2.81" L x 3.07" W x 3.94" H
Warranty 2 Year Limited

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