20 Foot Driver to Fixture Extension

Lotus LED Lights SKU: EXC20
Lotus LED Lights 20 Foot Driver to Fixture Extension 20 Foot

20 Foot Driver to Fixture Extension

Lotus LED Lights SKU: EXC20
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LOTUS LED LIGHTS offers superior flexibility and unlimited layout options, and can be installed anywhere in your home to create a gorgeous high-end living environment by delivering warm and inviting light. Lotus LED customers have successfully installed Lotus Recessed LED Lighting in even the tightest and hardest-to-reach places in their homes including attics, closets, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, soffits, garages, nurseries, hallways, stairwells and other areas that would have been impossible with traditional recessed lights installation requirements. Thin and lightweight, Lotus Lights virtually eliminates the needs for extensive hardware at T-Bar installations, such as additional brackets and securing chains. Installations can be done from below, putting an end to crawling around in attics while doing top floor installations. Dropped ceiling installations need only 2 inches clearance with Lotus LED Lights, saving you valuable ceiling height. Thanks to Lotus LED Lights innovative super-slim Type IC design, absolutely no housing is required for installation. Add to the connection box driver, and you do not even need a junction box in your ceiling. 

An accessory to the Lotus LED lights is the EXC20, a 20 foot long extension cable that allows remote mounting of the driver. This cable easily and securely extends the low voltage cable between the fixture and the driver. The EXC20 is also inter-linkable with up to a 40 foot extension allowed. Don't want to or don't have room to place your driver and fixture together? Not a problem with this extension cable (also comes in a 6 foot cable). 

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