4 Foot 18 Watt 2000 Lumen Frosted Lens T8 LED Tube

Aleddra SKU: LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-35K
Aleddra 4 Foot 18 Watt 2000 Lumen Frosted Lens T8 LED Tube 3500K Bright White

4 Foot 18 Watt 2000 Lumen Frosted Lens T8 LED Tube

Aleddra SKU: LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-35K
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Aleddra's fourth generation (G4) SureFit DBA+ LED T8 tube light pushes the technology envelope of LED tubes again. Talk about the total package! Check this out - The acronym "DBA+" stands for: "D" = Double-end safety switch, "B" = Ballast-compatible, "A" = AC line voltage friendly and the "+" = the Aleddra DBA+ T8 LED tube comes with an internal, field replaceable driver - this patented design minimizes the repair and replacement downtime in the field, and also doubles the lifetime of the LED tube to 10 years at a third of the cost of a new tube replacement. The Aleddra DBA+ T8 LED tube lights are also cULus Listed and are DesignLights Consortium DLC QPL Listed.

Only Aleddra offers a safe alternative that is also energy efficient; a double-end power LED T8 tube with integral safety switches. Aleddra's DBA+ T8 tubes utilize a safety switch on each of the two end-caps on the tube. When operating with the line voltage, the safety switches on the end-caps protect the installer from electric shock, meeting UL 1598C safety requirements. The safety switches will only allow the circuit to be completed when both end-caps are in position, locked in both sockets and energized. This patented safety design completely eliminates the risk of shock to the installer.

Aleddra's DBA+ tube works with electronic fluorescent T8 Instant Start ballasts and/or directly from your 110 to 277 volt AC line voltage (Note: when operating on direct AC line voltage these double-end LED T8 tubes require the sockets on BOTH ends to be energized - see the wiring diagram to the right). You have the option to remove the ballast and wire the socket directly to the AC line voltage to save more energy immediately, or wait for the ballast to fail and then bypass it. By removing the ballast from the fixture you will achieve 2 to 4 watts more energy savings per lamp and you will reduce the energy consumption per T8 bulb from 32 Watts to 18 Watts. With the ballast removed/bypassed, there is no more maintenance and replacement of the ballast going forward, thus reducing the overall lighting maintenance cost by 70%. If you are retrofitting away from T12 fluorescent lights, the retrofit is straightforward - you must remove/bypass the ballast and run the DBA+ at AC line voltage directly to both sockets. These double-ended LED T8 tubes may be installed in either shunted or non-shunted medium bi-pin G13 lamp holders, thus saving 50-70% installation time and associated labor costs compared to retrofits using standard single-ended LED tubes.

This item is the Aleddra LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-(XX)K. It is a 4 foot LED T8 retrofit tube that consumes 18 watts of 110V to 277V input power and generates 2,000 lumens of 80 CRI 3500K or 5000K light output. The lens is diffused and light output is at a 120 degree beam angle. The operating temperature range is -20 degrees Fahrenheit to +122 degrees Fahrenheit. The LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-(XX)K has a rated life of 50,000 hours (at L70 standards) and it carries a 5 Year Limited Warranty. Each Aleddra DBA+ T8 LED Tube light is cULus Listed.

These lamps are to be used in indoor, dry locations only. They are not suitable for wet locations. These lamps are not to be used with a light dimmer. If the lamp or luminaire exhibits undesirable operation (Buzzing, Flickering, etc), immediately turn off the power, remove the lamp from the luminaire and contact Aleddra. When retrofitting a one ballast by three fluorescent tubes fixture, you will need to install at least two SureFit DBA+ tubes and when retrofitting a one ballast by four fluorescent tubes fixture, you will need to install at least three SureFit DBA+ tubes. Please check the installation instructions and specification sheet carefully before installation. Please test sample before any mass installation.

Manufacturer Aleddra
Color Temperature (Kelvin) 3500K Bright White 5000K Daylight
MPN LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-35K LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-50K
SKU LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-35K LLT-4-T8-D-18W-U-DBA-50K
Lighting Technology LED
Wattage 18 Watts
Voltage 110-277V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Lumens 2,000 Lumens
Efficiency (Lumens Per Watt) 110 LPW
Ballast Operation (Hybrid) Type A Ballast Compatible or Type B Ballast Bypass
Wiring Method Double Ended
Bulb Shape T8 Tube
Base G13 Medium Bi-Pin
Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Rated Life 50,000 Hours (L70)
CRI (Color Rendering Index) 80 CRI
Operating Temperature -20°F to 122°F
Certifications cULus
Environment Dry Location
Warranty 5 Year Standard

Aleddra G4 DBA Hybrid LED T8 Tube Light Specification Sheet

Aleddra G4 DBA Hybrid LED T8 Tube Light Installation Instructions

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