CMR 9 Ceiling PIR Occupancy Sensor

Acuity Controls SKU: CMR 9
Acuity Controls CMR 9 Ceiling PIR Occupancy Sensor White

CMR 9 Ceiling PIR Occupancy Sensor

Acuity Controls SKU: CMR 9
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Acuity Brands is here to offer you their extensive line of lighting controls. Sensor Switch offers one of the industry's broadest selections of occupancy sensors, photocell devices, panels, switches, fixture-level and wireless controls for indoor and outdoor applications, single rooms or even campuses and municipalities. Using digital passive infrared (PIR) detection and Microphonics technology, these sensors accurately respond to occupant behavior.

The CMR 9 series standard range 360° occupancy sensor incorporates Passive Infrared (PIR) detection technology into an attractive line powered occupancy sensor that provides amazing sensitivity to small motions (ex. hand movements) and excellent payback. The CMR 9 is an economical solution for providing automatic lighting control where a wall switch replacement sensor is not applicable. With an integrated line switching relay, the CMR 9 is perfect for applications where locating a power pack is difficult, such as retrofitting rooms with concrete or inaccessible ceilings. For rooms with obstructions, the CMR PDT 9 Series sensor is recommended. Please contact us if you can not find the product you are looking for. 

This is item number CMR 9, a small motion, line voltage, standard range, 360° coverage pattern ceiling occupancy sensor. This sensor is push-button programmable with adjustable time delays and multiple operating modes. This model is the best choice for small motion detection (ex. hand movements) as it has a 360° conical shaped pattern. It provides 12 feet of radial coverage when mounted at 9 feet. Perfect for a private office or small room! Time delays can be as little as 30 seconds and as large as 20 minutes. This motion detector sensor does come with a green LED indicator and a 100 hour lamp burn-in timer mode. This sensor does NOT require a power pack as it does have a self-contained relay. It operates on either 120V or 277V.

For installation purposes, mount the sensor directly to a ceiling tile or a metallic grid (two self-tapping screws are provided). The sensor also features mounting holes that align with 3.5" octagon or single gang handy boxes (screws not provided). For optimal detection, position sensor such that segments are crossed upon entrance and unable to view outside the space. The sensor's relay is shipped in a latched closed position so the lights will come on upon initial power-up. If the lights to do not immediately turn on (initial installation only) the latching relay opened during shipment and will close within 30 seconds. See specification sheet for the wiring diagram and wiring instructions.

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