CMRB PC On/Off Photocell Sensor

Acuity Controls SKU: CMRB PC
Acuity Controls CMRB PC On/Off Photocell Sensor

CMRB PC On/Off Photocell Sensor

Acuity Controls SKU: CMRB PC
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Acuity Brands is here to offer you their extensive line of lighting controls. Sensor Switch offers one of the industry's broadest selections of occupancy sensors, photocell devices, panels, switches, fixture-level and wireless controls for indoor and outdoor applications, single rooms or even campuses and municipalities. Using digital passive infrared (PIR) detection and Microphonics technology, these sensors accurately respond to occupant behavior.

The CMR(B) PC Series of On/Off Photocell sensors provide the industry's most intelligent control of lighting for daylight harvesting applications. Ideal for public spaces with windows like vestibules, corridors, or bathrooms; the sensors work by monitoring daylight conditions in a room, then controlling the lighting so as to insure that adequate lighting levels are maintained. The CMR(B) PC has on/off lighting control. This means that when the sensor takes in enough daylight, the lights will turn off and they will come back on when the daylight levels are reduced. This can meet you building codes as well as save you money in energy costs. The CMR(B) PC Series sensors are line powered and can switch loads directly without the need for a power pack. The CMR version sensors mount directly onto the ceiling, while the CMRB versions are specifically designed to mount on the end of a linear fixture. Please contact us if you can not find the product you are looking for.

This is item number CMRB PC, a line voltage, fixture mount on/off photocell sensor. This sensor has a self-contained relay, so no power packs are needed. The sensor functions by comparing the amount of daylight available with a defined acceptable lighting level. This threshold, called the set-point, is utilized in all daylight harvesting lighting control decisions. The sensor can find its optimum set-point via the Automatic Set-Point Programming mode. In this mode, the sensor sets the minimum light level to be the amount contributed by the artificial lights being controlled. It is assumed that the space is properly lit by design, however, if this is not the case the setpoint may be easily adjusted to the occupants preferences. This model controls a single zone and runs off of either 120V or 277V with an operating temperature of 14°F to 160°F.

For installation purposes, the fixture sensor provides an extended chase that facilitates mounting to a half-inch knockout hole on the side of a fixture. Once installed, the sensor may take a few moments to become active. Additionally, there is a 45 second delay before switching from off to on. See specification sheet for the wiring diagram and wiring instructions.

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