Orange 5mm Wide Angle LED String Lights

American Lighting SKU: 5MM-50/6-G-OR-S
American Lighting Orange 5mm Wide Angle LED String Lights Orange

Orange 5mm Wide Angle LED String Lights

American Lighting SKU: 5MM-50/6-G-OR-S
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The tradition of Christmas lights began by using candles that produced a warm white glow. This tradition has remained constant. Because LED Christmas lights generate their color through the application of special phosphors, holiday lights utilizing LED lighting, has allowed us to create a variety of color Christmas decorations. These energy efficient holiday lights are 80% to 90% more efficient than incandescent light sets and the bulb lasts 10 times longer than incandescent. They are safe to operate and are cool to the touch. Whether you are looking for a traditional warm white LED Christmas light, or, a more modern looking orange LED light, we believe we have the LED string lights to make your holiday special.

Our 5mm Wide Angle Orange LED is a great for Christmas trees, outdoor displays or other holiday applications. The 5mm wide angle bulb is the brightest, most focused of our LED Christmas lights. The small wide angle bulb evenly distributes the LED light in all directions and produces the most consistent light output which is not affected by the angle from which the light is observed. This bulb style is recommended for indoor and outdoor lighting displays where observers will be in close proximity to the display and bright, even light distribution is important. Our 5mm orange LED string lights are great for use as Christmas tree lights, for Christmas decorating, and other holiday lights displays.

Wattage 4.8 Watts
Bulb Quantity
50 Bulbs Per Strand
Wire Connector Green Stringer Wire
Lighting Spacing 6" on 12.5' Stringer
Bulb Quantity 50 Lights Per Strand
Bulb Type 5MM Wide Angle
Applications Indoor/Outdoor Use
Rated Life 100,000 Hours
Warranty Two Seasons

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