400 Watt M59/H33 120/277 Volt Metal Halide F-Can Ballast

Keystone Technologies SKU: MH-400A-D-FCAN
Keystone Technologies 400 Watt M59/H33 120/277 Volt Metal Halide F-Can Ballast

400 Watt M59/H33 120/277 Volt Metal Halide F-Can Ballast

Keystone Technologies SKU: MH-400A-D-FCAN
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Metal Halide Ballast Cross Reference: Advance Ballast 72C6082NP Sylvania Ballast M400/120/277/F-CAN Universal 1110247SCTC Sola E-MCAFTJ400F Grainger 1N109

High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps require a ballast to apply starting voltage to the lamp and establish current flow an arc between the lamp electrodes. Without a ballast, the arc will extinguish or draw increasing current until some circuit element burns up. Ballasts provide system stability by limiting the current that can be drawn.

Replacement F-Can ballasts are used primarily for indoor downlighting applications where quiet operation is required. All the components of these ballasts are enclosed in a fluorescent-style ballast can and are thermally protected.

Keystone Ballast MH-400A-D-FCAN, Replacement F-Can HID Ballast Kit for 400 Watt Metal Halide. This F-Can HID Ballast is designed with a Circuit Type CWA, for one 400W Metal Halide Lamp Type, M59 ANSI Ballast Type, 446 Input Watts, 120/277 Input Voltage, 60 Hz. The maximum distance this F-Can ballast can be remote mounted from your 400 watt metal halide bulb is determined by the size wire utilized. The maximum distance this F Can ballast can be mounted from your 175 watt metal halide bulb is 10 feet. It has -30C minimum start temperature, UL temperature code of A and an insulation class of 180C. The physical dimensions of this F-Can ballast are 19.19" Long x 3.23" Wide x 2.75" High with 18.63" mounting dimensions and 12-14" leads. Please verify all dimensions for your application as these dimensions may vary by manufacturer. This Keystone Ballast carries a 2 year warranty.

A ballast, like any other electrical device, generates heat during normal operation. Excessive temperature will have an adverse effect on ballast life. Normal temperature limits for Universal F-Can Ballasts have a maximum case temperature of 90°C. For proper installation, insure that remote ballasts are properly vented and mounted to a heat-dissipating surface. Ballasts in metallic casings must always be grounded.

Voltage 120/277 Volt
Wattage 400 Watts
ANSI Type M59/H33 F-Can
Circuit Type CWA
Capacitor 20mF - 440V - 90C
Dimensions 19.19" L x 3.23" W x 2.75" H
Warranty 2 Year Limited


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